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Version: v2


Styles randomly not working

NativeWind adds code to each file which is cached by Webpack/Metro. As each file is cache individually, changes to your tailwind.config.js or other files may not be reflected across your project.

To fix this issue, simply clear your project's cache either by expo start -c or react-native start --reset-cache.

Native styles not working at all

Follow the official troubleshooting guide

Please read the Tailwind content troubleshooting

Verify your configuration

If you are 100% your files are covered by content, try running

npx tailwind -o output.css

This will generate a output.css file with your projects styles written as css. Verify that it includes your expected styles (it may include extra styles).

Manually generate the output

Follow the Native Tailwind CLI setup guide to generate nativewind-output.js. This file includes the generated NativeWind styles.