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Version: v2


NativeWind aligns CSS and React Native into a common language. However the two style engines do have their differences. We refer to these differences as quirks.

Explicit styles

React Native has various issues when conditionally applying styles. To prevent these issues it's best to declare all styles.

For example, instead of only applying a text color for dark mode, provide both a light and dark mode text color.

dp vs px

React Native's default unit is density-independent pixels (dp) while the web's default is pixels (px). These two units are different, however NativeWind treats them as if they are equivalent. Additionally, the NativeWind's compiler requires a unit for most numeric values forcing some styles to use a px unit.


React Native uses a different base flex definition to the web. This can be fixed by adding flex-1 to your classes, which forces the platforms to align.

Flex Direction

React Native uses a different default flex-direction to the web. This can be fixed by explicitly setting a flex-direction