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Version: v2

Custom Components

NativeWind's strength really shines with writing your own custom components.

Passing styles to components

When passing styles between components, they are compiled on the parent and passed as a style prop to the child.


You need to use style, className is not passed down!

function MyComponent({ style }) {
return <Text style={style} />;

<MyComponent className="font-bold" />

If you want to pass the className as a string use a different prop.

function A({ style }) {
return <B textClassName="font-bold" />;

function B({ textClassName }) {
return <Text className={textClassName} />;

Merging styles

NativeWind doesn't require you to merge or provide styles as an array. You can simply append the two classNames strings together

function MyComponent() {
const classes = `text-black`;
return <Text className={`font-bold ${classes}`} />;

This pattern is very useful for creating components with variants

const variantStyles = {
default: "rounded",
primary: "bg-blue-500 text-white",
secondary: "bg-white-500 text-black",

function MyComponent({ variant }) {
return (

Merging with inline styles

NativeWind will automatically merge with inline-styles. Inline styles have a higher priority.

function MyText({ style }) {
// style is [{ fontWeight: "bold" }, { color: "black" }]
return <Text style={style} />;

<MyText className={`font-bold`} style={{ color: "black" }} />;


styled() handles the Typescript complexity for you. Simply write your components as normal.

interface MyButtonProps extends PressableProps {
textStyle: TextProps["style"]

function MyButton({ textStyle, children, ...props }: MyButtonProps) {
return (
<Pressable {...props}>
<Text style={textStyle}>{children}</Text>

export default styled(MyButton, {
props: {
textStyle: true

<MyButton textStyle="font-bold">This text will be bold</MyButton>

Complex logic

If you have complex styling logic consider using a library the className merging like clsx.

function A({ rounded, className }) {
const className = clsx(
{ rounded },
variant === "primary" && "bg-blue-500 text-white",
variant === "secondary" && "bg-blue-500 text-white",
return <B className={className} />;